Noelle Connolly

I hope to forever continue learning about the asana and about myself. Yoga’s ability to ground and centre me, combined with an endless thirst for knowledge, pulls me back to the practice again and again.
— Noelle Connolly


Noelle’s powerful yoga teaching creates space for students to pursue their practice with intensity and drive. A technical teacher, she is endlessly inspired to harness the subtleties of the energetic body to defy gravity and move fluidly through space. A Philadelphia native, she took her first yoga class in 2002, and fell in love with the practice – mentally, physically and spiritually.



Noelle’s teaching holds the structure and discipline of classical Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, while infused with an immense creativity and a dance-like flow. Currently residing in Sydney, Australia, she gives her all to her students, with a freshness and inspiration that challenges and delights. Find out where she's teaching at home and on the road in teacher training, workshops and special events.



"Noelle moves with an open heart and fearless spirit – unafraid TO live her dreams and meet seemingly impossible challenges."